Picasso, Lydia and Friends at Les Yeux du Monde

Professor Lydia Gasman, who died in 2010, was a renowned scholar and teacher of art history with a profound understanding of Picasso and his role in 20th century art and culture. This exhibition, organized by Les Yeux du Monde gallery director Lyn Bolen, connects and combines Gasman's work to that of former students - and to Picasso's work, also on view. The exhibition is coordinated with the inauguration of the Lydia Csato Gasman Archives for Picasso and Modernist Studies under the leadership of Ms. Bolen and colleague Victoria Beck Newman. 

 Images courtesy of the artists and LYDM.

Lyn Bolen explains the organizing principles of the show and introduces the Lydia Gasman Archives.  

Lyn Bolen describes the contributions and connections among the various artists included in the show. 

Russ Warren, one of the participating artists, reveals his own vital relationship to Lydia Gasman and to Picasso's work.

Slideshow of exhibition on LYDM facebook page.

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