Gallery or Art Fair Scenario

Typical Scenario for a gallery or art fair:

Step 1. Consult with director or manager to determine specific needs in advance of an exhibition.  


- QR codes will be used in mailers and to accompany wall-mounted labels.

-QR codes will be printed as stickers to accompany artworks sold.

- Audio files will be linked to email and social media promotions.

Step 2. Create audio recording plan: 


- Each featured artist will each record three brief audio guides for individual artworks.

- Gallery director will record an exhibition overview. 

Step 3. Record, edit, review audio; generate QR codes and incorporate into promotional efforts as above.


Scenario for an independent artist follows those outlined above, adapted for his/her particular workflow. For example, a sculptor who produces three large exterior works annually will have different needs from a printmaker with work in multiple galleries and online sales.


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