Museum Campaign Example

Here's a typical scenario for a museum or private collection:

Step 1. Consult with Curatorial, Marketing and Education department staff to determine specific needs for a campaign. 

- Audio files will be linked to Exhibition and Education sections of institution's web site pertaining to both permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. 

- QR codes will be used in mailers, posters, DVD packaging, and wall-mounted texts/labels.

-QR codes will be engraved on plaques for select works in permanent collection. 

Step 2. Create audio recording plan. 


- Three curatorial statements will provide introductions to each of three current exhibitions.

- Ten 2 to 4-minute artist statements will give insight into individual works.

- Thirteen audio guide stops will be keyed to class curriculum. 

Step 3. Record audio either locally or via Skype. 

Step 4. Edit audio files, review with staff and then link to QR codes, labelled for easy identification. 

Step 5. Deliver audio files and/or QR codes to museum staff and webmaster electronically. (Files are generally under 4MB)

Step 6. Webmaster configures audio files for web site. Museum staff and print contractor incorporate QR codes into various printing designs for invitations, posters, wall texts, engraved plaques, etc.    


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